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Meet Melissa!

Hi Dear friends! Thank you for stopping by. A little bit about me: you’ll often find me nose-deep in my Bible because it’s the funnest, yet most peaceful place to be. I seek the Lord because I need daily mercy and grace that only God can give. I’ve had my fair share of life struggles and want to share how I came out healed, which is why I wrote Secret Letters from God’s Heart. I personally experienced many of the stories that you’ll read about. The Lord brought me through fiery trials that I thought were impossible to walk through, but found myself healed and whole on the other side. 
My family also gives me solace, especially my husband and grandbabies. You’ll often find me at a child’s table playing tea-party as I will do anything for my grandbabies.
Friend, I long to sit at my kitchen table and share life with you over a cup of coffee–sister to sister. However, I’m confined to sharing my heart with you through my book by which I hope you find love, grace, and healing for your heart.

"No failure, event, circumstance, abuse, feelings, or anything else you can conceive is able to remove your position as a child of God—a princess of the King." - Melissa Croucher

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