colossians 3:17


I see you Mama; working hard to keep it together. Don't get discouraged.

God's Love Letter to You:

Your life brings me glory. Fixing your children breakfast, doing the laundry, working a job you dislike, walking through the mundane; all of it brings me glory because you are mine. Practice my presence; I’m always here. I will never leave you- I can’t, and I won’t. Talk to me about your life, all the details- big and small. Give me the worries you have about your children, whom I delicately knit together. Talk to me about your needs and frustrations. Include me; please don’t leave me out. Let’s do life together. Life is better with me by your side as I slay the monsters under the bed of your discouragement. Instead of ranting on social media, talk to me. I stand here waiting on you, will you let me in? I have all the answers and every moment is in my hand. Give me your small moments and big fears and I’ll give you peace, rest, and joy. Everyday is new despite it appearing like yesterday. Each day is important and has great meaning in my plan for your life, though it may seem mundane and difficult. I’ll help you as I make each day more beautiful than the last.  Every day is my favorite day because you are in it!

A Scripture to Hold You:

Colossians 3:17 And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Songs that I enjoy:
Melissa Croucher
Welcome, I'm Melissa!

I was once broken, lost, and on the verge of suicide, when Daddy-God got a hold of me and transformed me with his healing love. Do you yearn to be loved, valued, accepted, healed, peaceful, and joyful? If so, then welcome to my special place where I long to teach and reveal the love of God that brings all of these wonderful things and so much more. 
Join me as we delve from everyday struggles to the hurt that can leave us powerless. Let’s face them together because we’re not alone. We all can relate to each other in some way and this is a safe place to engage in sisterhood, closeness to God, and learn life-giving truths to transform your heart. You can experience your own transformational healing and live in the freedom of who you are in Christ.


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