My brother and I went swimming at a lake near our home. It was set up with diving boards, tall slides, and lifeguards. We swam there many times, but on this particular day, my brother who was five years old, decided he would venture past the rope with bumpers that kept swimmers in the safe swim zone. I called for him to come back, but he wouldn’t listen, he just giggled. I knew beyond the rope he couldn’t touch the bottom; and I also knew he couldn’t swim. Being only nine, I wasn’t a strong swimmer myself, but I couldn’t let him drown. So, I swam to him and by the time I reached him, he was laughing hysterically because he couldn’t touch the bottom of the lake anymore.


He would go under, bounce back up and instead of breathing, he would laugh. I yelled repeatedly for the lifeguard who didn’t seem to notice my desperate cries for help. I turned my attention back to my brother who by this time was tired from his bobbing up and down. He was now gasping and only half laughing. I went under the water and tried to push him up, but he was thrashing wildly, pushing my hands of redemption away. So, my only option was to put my hand around his jawbone to push him up out of the water just enough for air while I pushed myself down into the mucky mire of the bottom of the lake.


I looked up through the water and could see that he was able to breathe, but I knew I couldn’t hold him for long. I definitely couldn’t swim and pull him back to safety. I thought I was going to die, but I was willing to die if I could somehow keep my little brother alive. When I peered above me through the water and saw his little face, mouth open, and breathing good, I looked beyond him as the sky was directly above us. It was a beautiful blue sky with puffy white clouds- so still, safe, and serene; nothing like the thrashing of my brother fighting me while I attempted to hold him up. 


My lungs were begging for air as they were threatening to gasp in the murky water. I was reaching my limit. 


I cried out in my mind, “God please help us!” 


Just then, a boat zoomed by, barely missing us! Its waves shoved me and my brother and we rolled with the violent waves towards shore and found ourselves able to touch the bottom of the lake.

We were saved!

He laughed.

I cried.

I thanked God for the boat and its wild wave of redemption that shoved us out of that desperate situation.


What desperate situation are you in?

Are you the one drowning, thrashing the water in a panic to stay afloat? Or are you the one stuck in the miry muck trying to save another? Possibly your loved one has made an unwise or even reckless and irresponsible decision, pulling you both under to what feels like a watery grave? Maybe it was no fault of your own that life pulled you under. Whatever the case may be, what are you doing about it? Are you calling out for help and like the lifeguard in my story, no one is listening, or maybe they are, they just can’t help?


I know someone who can help. He’s been seen walking on water and has a reputation for saving those who are drowning. His name… is Jesus; the only name that has brought salvation and life to a dying world. He is not only my savior, but my friend. He is my best friend actually.

He saved me when I was drowning in life’s tumbling current of death. If you call out to him, he’ll save you too. The Lord says, “Call on me when you are in trouble; and I will rescue you, and you will honor me. (Psalm 50:15) He is a jealous God who fervently pursues you to love you. 


He doesn’t delight in your hardships, but desires to deliver you from them. The Bible is bursting with scripture wooing his beloved children to him. Your Father God stands strong, passionate, and ready to rescue his precious daughters. Call out to him as his love for you drives him to be willing, ready, and able to save; call out to him today!

Melissa Croucher
Welcome, I'm Melissa!

I was once broken, lost, and on the verge of suicide, when Daddy-God got a hold of me and transformed me with his healing love. Do you yearn to be loved, valued, accepted, healed, peaceful, and joyful? If so, then welcome to my special place where I long to teach and reveal the love of God that brings all of these wonderful things and so much more. 
Join me as we delve from everyday struggles to the hurt that can leave us powerless. Let’s face them together because we’re not alone. We all can relate to each other in some way and this is a safe place to engage in sisterhood, closeness to God, and learn life-giving truths to transform your heart. You can experience your own transformational healing and live in the freedom of who you are in Christ.


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