God loves you for you, the princess he’s called you to be.

Secret Letters from God's Heart book by Melissa Croucher
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Pastor Janet Hodson

An inspiring daily devotional that is interactive and speaks straight to your heart! Beginning on Day 1: "When people, pain, or circumstances question my identity, remind me of who I am. " The Author leads you to God’s truth in Scripture of our identity in Christ. We are planned, purposed, and created in Him! I love how she joins prayer, letter from God, Word of God, journaling, questions, and worship together in each day's devotion! This devotional is designed for a relational experience with the Lord!

School Teacher, Sarah M. Schwendenman

What a beautiful interactive devotional this is! The daily readings are concise, but there is so much within each one! The author does an amazing job of weaving together thought-provoking scenarios, Scripture, prayer, and reflection questions. You can feel both her love of Jesus and passion to share with a hurting world. If you purchase just one devotional this year, this is an excellent choice!

Registered Nurse, Amy Henderson

This masterpiece is beautifully written and reminds you that you are, truly, a daughter of the highest King! The words flow from the pages directly into your heart and soul!

Jessica D. Pitcher

Love the truth, encouragement, and spiritual lifting this book provides. Such a blessing in my life!! Thank you Jesus!

Your sin didn't hold Jesus to the corss, His great love for you did. Melissa Croucher

About The Book

Our society expects women to be aggressive, resilient, successful, and fearless. But being the perfect mom, wife, student, and godly woman seems impossible—and required at the same time. Falling short feels like failure and asking for help labels us weak. No wonder we hide our pain and mistakes.

Do you yearn to be loved, valued, accepted, healed, peaceful, joyful? Secret Letters from God’s Heart: A Study of Love, Grace, and Healing for the Fearful invites you into spiritual intimacy with the Father who created you and loves you deeply, in spite of your painful and imperfect past.

If you’re plagued by brokenness, this interactive “love letter” style devotional offers life-giving truths to transform your heart. Scriptures, prayers, questions, and journaling space encourage you to reflect and grow, while uplifting song suggestions point you to a journey of healing and worship.

Say goodbye to negative thoughts and self-destructive beliefs. Sit with the Father who created you to be his princess and bask in his abundant and everlasting love for you.

About Me

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Get to know Melissa

Melissa Croucher is God’s princess. Her Father God's faithfulness throughout her life has compelled her to show women how they can experience their own transformational healing and live in the freedom of who they are in Christ. Melissa enjoys loving her grandchildren, horseback riding, and DIY projects. She and her husband of twenty-five years have three grown children, Alijah, Cameron, and Jenna, and several grandblessings. They live in rural Indiana with their horses.

Melissa Croucher